Climb your way up with your roofing business with Taskbe 

Carrying out important roofing services such as leaking repairs, roof installations and general maintenance can all get overwhelming. Taskbe will allow you to make your journey a lot smoother by doing all the hard work for you. There’s no need to input information in multiple systems and constantly contact your engineers.

  • Job Tracker

    Track if jobs are open, complete, pending, etc

  • Scheduling

    Book appointments for jobs and keep organised

  • Quotes

    Track inquiries and quotes and turn them into jobs

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance

    Plan PPM schedules regularly

  • Job Costing

    Automated job costing with reports

  • App for Engineers

    Engineers can view, update and attach information for each job

  • Invoicing

    Produce invoices easily and send them straight away

  • Dashboard

    Keep customers updated with real time alerts

  • Generate Reports

    Produce KPI reports with property details

  • Purchase Order

    Replenish stock and raise orders and match invoices

  • Integrate Accounts

    Link other software’s such as Sage, QuickFile, etc to save time

  • Boiler Servicing

    Set annual boiler servicing and customer reminders

  • Electronic Forms

    Produce documents via the app including gas safety certificates, job sheets and assessments

  • Engineer Tracking

    Locate engineers and journey histories

  • F-Gas Compliance

    Have a full tracking on gas use

Job Tracking

Track every job simply using a job reference number and filter through jobs that may be for the same property to avoid separate jobs created. You can distribute roofing jobs to employees and check their availability via Taskbe. All information about from each property would be recorded so both you can your employees can view.  


Make life a lot easier for both employees on the field and back end office thought the Taskbe app. Let employees take control of their roofing and servicing jobs. They can input relevant information such as signatures, photos and property details about the job, keeping you updated without having to directly contact the employee.

Customise Settings

Customise your Taskbe settings to suit your business. This is great as you can personalise it to match your needs. This includes setting up text messages for when a job is available for an employee and to keep clients updated, to setting out email templates and payment settings. 

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